Hardware Reviews

Kizer Arrow Frames

The Kizer Arrow frames are UFS, but fit an 80mm wheel. This means they’re perfect for aggressive skaters interested in trying big wheel blading. They also have a plastic slider to help with grinds. Is it worth it?

Ground Control TriSkate Frame

Why would anyone want such huge wheels? The bigger the wheel, the more cruising speed you get and the smoother the ride. With three 110mm wheels, the length isn't much longer than 4 80mm wheels, so you don't have to adjust your skating. 

Oysi Frames

I haven't been this excited about a new skate product in years. The Oysi (aka Oysius) frames feature a wide split, built in rocker and a groove to prevent wheel bite. They're a dream come true, or are they?

Go Project Crown Bearings

These are the Go Project Crown Bearings. They'll run you around $80 for a set of 16. These bearings are, different. Instead of the normal one piece design you're used these bearings have this little copper crown that slides in the middle.