Ohio Crew

Skating from known Columbus locals (hawke trackler, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon, bradley Wilson, etc) but mostly older skaters who've been going hard for decades (Vinnie Fox, Eric benjamin, John hoch, Bryan Hammond, Brandin Hunter) as well as some of the dayton dudes (Ryan Benner, Tim Ryan Sloan).


Guacamole Gang

We have been skating together and growing slowly since 2012, eaten all the avocados and getting all the clips.Long Tonthat, Jon Cooley, Brian Frias, Chris Kozlowski, Mikey Holmes, Nathan Cornell, Sean McDermitt, Chris Crowder, Andy Linteau, Dave Hudson, Joe D, Law?


Hey Guys! Big fan of the podcast and site!!! I don't really have much of a crew anymore. Really just Myself & my Buddy Matt Strassman. Our good friend Mark Vanderlee (Florida) and Jesse Daniels (LA) will make a trip back now and then and we'll try to hit up a park or downtown Rochester like old times. All skating since 95. Some on and off / here and there for the last few years. We're all 37ish, have kids, etc. Mostly Matt and I get to skate 2-3 times per month (weather permitting). Mark makes a trip up a few times a year and we usually travel to Buffalo to hit up the outdoor park there. This "edit" is really just a video of Mark skating around and us busting his balls. We put it on facebook to get him all riled up. Truthfully all of our skating is better than this (sometimes). Might try to make a more legit edit this spring with my buddy Matt. Keep up the good work!!!



The Skatrix UK

We are a group of "OG" bladers. Most of us are in our 30's (some pushing 40) shh... We all have been skating on and off for 20+ years. I think what is important to us now is that we are in it for the love, camaraderie and doing it for ourselves. With that a number of us still represent and dont feel the pressure of people watching us. We do what we do and thats how we like it. We stem from 2 uk CREWS who were SS1CREW who were pretty big on the UK scene in the late 90's. Mike Welland and Sim Warren were part of these crews. And the BN11 CREW a lesser known but just as good crew from the south of England. Anyway thats us we are always represented on THE SKATRIX insta site which is hosted by Lee Mitchell.


Dem Hombres

We have been skating together over 3 years. The core is Winston Edwards, Curtis Caudle and myself. But we are growing, have over 15 people we roll with often. We originally just started filming for fun to make an edit and found that we have a collective passion for clothing so we decided to start the brand.


SoFlo Roll

Soflo's first release featuring skating from the Crew's outings in 2012...... Like it or not. Skaters: Jon Fromm, George Holmquist, Matt Genna, Rob Squire, Safe Jounrey, Omar Rodriguez,Kenrick Chiocca, Justin Finley


7 Cities Blading

7 Cities Blading is a group of Virginia bladers that are near the coast of Virginia. Having the oceanfront provides us with tons of people in all forms of blading. We also have one of the biggest navy bases which brings tons of bladers in and out of the area. The Norfolk area brought tons of crews


Ohio - Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati

Here is an interview about our recent video Flavor 6 that goes into our crews long history and many video projects: https://bladerunion.com/dailyblade/2017/11/5/flavor-of-the-week-an-interview-with-ryan-benner


SoCal Blade Crew

We are a group of friends that met because of blading, some og bladers that recently started blading again after a few years out, some that never stopped. We are from Southern California with bladers ranging from LA to San Diego. We try to hit as many different parks, but the main crew members meet at our local skatepark in Downey, Ca on thursday nights, welcoming bladers from different cities, all skill levels welcomed to come out and join us for open sessions.


Shred and Friends

Well my crew is mostly me myself and I. Regginald helps out a bit. Mostly in booking my photographer Pale Petter Parker and getting me juice. Real.. turbulent.. juice... I occasionally skate with Skatesy Jones, Dave “Doug” Valiente, Andy “Doug” Anastos, Guy “Guy” Penha and the RISC Guys (The Dalnas Bros, Matty Razz, Johnny Wu and Bry Guy Campbell.)