17: I Don’t Like Where You’re Going With This, Law

Our first live streamed episode! We talk about Back to Blading Live, different liners, USD Aeons, Helmets, Trimax frames and Wizard skates.

Back To Blading Live

Ben’s Reign Liners

Law Skated the 60mm Aeons

Kendama USA

Chris Edwards Podcast

Blader Union


Urban Outfitters

Trimax Club

Joe Atkinson

Loco Best Skates for 2018

Leon Wizard skate

15: You Want Me To School You On Fonts?

Dreaming of an amazing future! Announcing the Back to Blading Patreon, Roces' new pro Joe Atkinson, Kevin Little skating for Powerslide, Rollerblade New Jack Teams and a ton more.

The Dream

Joe Atkinson on Roces

Kevin Little on Powerslide

Law’s Rollerblade New Jacks

Aeons (again)



Julian Cudot


14: It Looks Like They’re Machine Washable

13: So You Need To Be Naked To Rollerblade Now

Ben and Law talk about the K2 r100, frame tech, the Roman Abrate boot, Rollerblade's 2018 lineup, Eric Cruz, David Sizemore and a ton more.

K2 R100

Keaton Newsom

Roman Abrate Pro Skate


Eric Cruz

David Sizemore


Frankie Morales

Roces Again