Skate Reviews

Seba CJ Wellsmore

The Seba CJ Skates are some of the most expensive on the market. With a carbon fiber boot and integrated liner with memory foam, they're some of the most technically advanced skates I've seen. I skated them for a few months with different frame and wheel setups to see if they're worth your money.


USD Aeon Team 72mm

What makes the USD Aeon unique is that the frame and boot are a single piece design. Unlike most other aggressive skates the Aeons don’t support UFS, the frame mounting system standard.


Powerslide Imperial Supercruiser Pro Triskate

These are very my first set of triskates. Riding three big wheels keeps your wheel base shorter making the skates more maneuverable. A comparable wheelbase with four wheels would max out around 80mm. These Pleasure Tool frames also have the middle wheel shifted, which helps with turns and coasting.

Razors Shift

The hallmark feature of the Razors Shift is the new Instant Frame Change system. The base is a two part system, the soul and the slider. By pressing the two IFC buttons, you can remove the slider and then the soul plate.