14: It Looks Like They’re Machine Washable

13: So You Need To Be Naked To Rollerblade Now

Ben and Law talk about the K2 r100, frame tech, the Roman Abrate boot, Rollerblade's 2018 lineup, Eric Cruz, David Sizemore and a ton more.

K2 R100

Keaton Newsom

Roman Abrate Pro Skate


Eric Cruz

David Sizemore


Frankie Morales

Roces Again

12: Check Your Frame Privilege

It's been a crazy for weeks for us. We discuss Ben's Woodward trip, Law's 50/50 relaunch, the Adapt's new GTO skate, the Grip Speeder Kickstarter, the Ropes Instagram, Submitting your Crew and much more.

Ben’s Woodward Trip

Law’s Crazy Few Weeks

Adapt GTO Skate

Programming Notes

Grip Speeder

Roces Instagram

Back to Blading Crew Videos


Oysi Frames

Music Rights in Videos

Powerslide Trinity Ice Skate Blades

Rollerblade New Jacks

And Finally…