Blading Community

Blading Community is a monthly challenge video series. Every month we'll announce a new trick. You'll have all month to learn the trick and capture a video clip of yourself performing it. Any obstacle, any variation, just need to do the trick. At the end of the month, upload your clip to the Back to Blading Dropbox folder and include your name and Instagram. We'll compile all the clips into a single video and publish the video on the Back to Blading YouTube channel. Then it's onto the next trick.


November’s Trick: Makio Grind

We’re going to start this series at the very beginning, the Makio Grind. The Makio is a one footed Soul trick, and it’s the perfect grind for beginners to learn. For the more advanced skaters, let’s see if you can spin to a Makio, or mix it into a switch up. No Alley Oops though, forward Makio only.

Due Date: November 25th